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  1. Walmart is Great. Do you think your Ring could be in a Pocket in your closet? Your Favorite jacket or a Purse that you have changed from?

  2. Tori’s at no time please don’t take it off of your finger at no time it has to stay on all the time love you guys

  3. Oh Solitaire rings can come in different size carats and I think u will love that so will Travis.

  4. You guys is adorable!! I watch other mix couple’s video and you all are the best. Just love your little family. Winter is going up so fast.. Tori niece and nephew is some little cuties.. Want to see Travis son sometime in your videos.

  5. It’s nice that Winter’s very cute parents are taking us along on this wedding ring buying journey. It was nice seeing the high end selections. I can’t wait to see the prototype of the ring they put together for Torie. I was sorry that there was nothing to choose from at Cisco. I really enjoyed this video. See you next time. God Bless.

  6. She was given Hater vibes too me.. Trying to Rush y’all to Buy anything. Please DON’T BUY from her, Get a Good Service Sell Person, Heffer…Blessing too y’all.

  7. Yea, No I didn’t like the sales associates attitude, she was trying to make you get something that you didn’t really want! Torie sis get what you want,cause you hubby said get what you want!!

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